Monday, 22 November 2010

Identify a three-act structure in a recent film and Character design

I’m a Cyborg but that’s Ok.
There’s a girl and she works in a factory making radios or something, all appears very normal. It becomes evident that she is suffering from a delusional fantasy in which she is a cyborg (a robot that looks like a human). This delusion nearly kills her when she plugs herself into the mains power in an attempt to recharge her batteries. She then gets sent to a mental health hospital because she’s the only one who thinks she’s a cyborg and is unable to convince any one else. 

In the mental hospital she refuses to eat food and tries to gain sustenance from AA batteries by holding them in between her fingers and also licking them, nice. She continues to refuses to eat and thus become more and more dilapidated. She then meets this bloke in the mental hospital. They become friends and he likes her so tries to help her by pretending to invent a device that converts food into stuff cyborg’s can live off. So she starts eating food again and starts to recover.

She also has a fantasy/hallucination where she starts shooting and killing the doctors with heavy-duty firepower coming from her fingertips, cool. 

Act 3
The girl is still delusional and has a dream where she discovers that she is really a bomb and to fulfil her goal she needs to be struck by lighting and blow up. The bloke pretends to help her because he fancies her but intends to save her from herself by sabotaging her attempts to be struck by lighting. Her plan is to go to the top of a hill in the middle of a storm and basically get struck by lightning. Anyway her plan fails with some help from the bloke and they fall in love and live happily ever after.

Character design

Ash Williams from Evil Dead 2
What does the character look like? 

Ash Williams, our protagonist, has the look of a crazed demon killing, chainsaw wielding average Joe. His clothing is torn and blood soaked, his face is cut and twisted with fear and determination. He has one hand missing (because he had to cut it off) and he has to protect a woman from a demon.

What does the character do?

Through out the film Ash mainly has to fight for his life, using only a shotgun and a chainsaw he faces demons and the like in a battle for his soul. The ensuing battle can only be won by reciting from the pages of the Necronomicon (book of the dead) that Ash has to find.

How does the character relate to the other characters and to events in the story?

Ash is an unlikely hero and is forced in to some difficult situations as the events of the story play out. He has to decapitate his girlfriend after she killed and subsequently possessed by a demon. He also get possessed by a demon and cuts his own hand off and beats up on the other characters in the film.


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