Thursday, 6 January 2011

Development of Creative Thought and Structure in Illustration and Graphic Art

Over coming mindsets

By looking around us and gathering visual information we build up a personal picture of our environment. The little things that we notice as individuals, and find important, are often discarded by others as irrelevant and visa versa.

In order to be successfully creative we need to have a skill set which enables us to overcome our normal conventional ways of thinking, gathering information, idea generation and ways of representing these ideas creatively.      

By understanding the way we usually think and attempt to solve problems we can deconstruct our mindset and try to challenge conventional ways of working.

As well as looking inwards, we should also gather as much information as possible from the world and the way others produce creative work. This will help to give a platform from which we can assimilate new ideas, enabling the potential of fresh perspectives that were previously out of creative reach.

This is a painting by Kozyndan, it depicts a rabbit on the shore peering at a bunnyfish. The intention in this image could simply be to challenge conventional mindsets regarding fine art.

The painting was made for a ‘Holiday Group’ show at a gallery in Toronto. The audience would be people who like art.

The frame gives the painting an antique look and is also a sign that Kozyndan constantly develop new ways of thinking.

The rabbit has been taken out of context from its normal habitat in the real world and placed along side the surreal bunnyfish.

The media used is gouache on wood paper.

This painting by Kozyndan is also a good example of overcoming mindsets. Mixing cultural and religious images to create interesting and new ideas.  

Managing a Creative Environment

Shawn Barber

The studio of Shawn Barber, he has a collection of tattoo machines on the wall. Artists often have collections of some kind. 

He has a large collection of paintbrushes. Its a good idea to have your tools close to hand, in varied and plentiful supply.

Shawn Barber surrounds himself with inspiration, things that he likes and his own work.

The studio is very dark and has lots of random objects doted around the space, some of which light up the space – fairy lights/fruit machines.

Alexis Mackenzie

Alexis Mackenzie work overflows from her desk. She has a collection of books that she gets from estate sales and various then uses them as inspiration for her work.

Her workspace is a light and relatively ordered place. Her collection of ornaments and images are in neat rows. The space in general is not over crowded with objects or furniture. This is reflected in her work, which is neat and takes great patients. 

It is noticeable that the studios pictured here are organized and designed to reflect the personalities of the artists occupying them and this is reflected in the work they produce

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